The Three Principles of Life

SYDNEY BANKS, Scottish- born philosopher, author and lecturer started sharing an understanding of what he called The Three Principles (3P) of Mind, Consciousness and Thought after having a profound insight into the mind in 1973.

These principles describe how Life works... they are not a tool or a technique to help improve your life or anything like that. They are like gravity... they just are. Even if you have no idea of how gravity works, it's still at work and that's exactly what these principles do, they are at work. They basically create our human experience.

In a nutshell:

The mind is the energy of life which I choose to call God.

Thought is our ability to create forms or ideas from that energy which to me is Jesus as he is God turned to flesh.

Consciousness is our ability to experience what we think as real. To me this is the Holy Spirit as it makes it possible to get closer to God and have a relationship with Him.

I choose to use the terms God, Holy Spirit and Jesus because it helps me understand the 3P better. Others may call mind, universe or nature or any other word. That's just what they are anyway, words.

The Three Principles point to something that goes deeper than our words can explain. They point to Life, Oneness, a nice feeling...

So I would advise you to focus on what the 3P point to instead of the principles themselves. However, it is very helpful to know what they are. Go here to find out from the original source how life actually works...

How my life was transformed

When I was first introduced to the Three Principles in February 2014 I had no idea what this coach was talking about. It was as though I couldn't hear him. My own mind was full of techniques and tools, like affirmations and BSFF. It wasn't until July 2016 when I spoke to him again that I kind of got it. I could feel there was some kind of truth to what he was saying but it still didn't really sink in.

I decided to hire this coach from January to March 2017 and read a few books. I also became a member of a Facebook group about us not being our limiting beliefs and that's when I can say I got it.

The relief I felt when I realized that the answer to how life works was actually really simple, is impossible for me to describe. Knowing that my thoughts, however real they may seem, didn't have any power over me and I could just ignore them and go on with my life, was just mind boggling.

In January of 2018 I was diagnosed with a disease which led me to have another major insight. I saw that even though the doctors were saying there was something 'wrong' with my physical body I was still the same. I hadn't changed. I was still MiMi and that's when I really saw that I am whole and complete, perfectly healthy no matter what's going on in my physical body. And you know what? This goes for each and everyone in existence in this moment.

At the moment there's a lot of 'stuff' going on in my life and believe it or not I am totally at peace with all of it. This doesn't mean that I never get upset, angry or sad or whatever emotion we human beings can experience because that's just life. It has its ups and downs... all we can do is flow with it. When you're able to do that, life is so much more enjoyable as apposed to going against the flow and thinking that we are in control.

God/mind/universe however you want to call it is the one calling the shots. In every waking moment we are inspired to do things for our own good and if we were to listen to that inspiration instead of our own petty thoughts telling us we can't do something or we're not good enough, that's when life is beautiful and worth living.

Have you ever noticed that after you get upset for any reason you go back to being calm again? Even if it's only for a moment? We have an in-build system that automatically takes us back to our true self, calm and at peace. There's nothing wrong with getting upset or angry or depressed or whatever 'negative' emotion because it's just part of life. We are capable of feeling these emotions generated by the thoughts we believe to be true and then find peace again when we come back to our senses.

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