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Let's Feel Great, Issue #001 -- Are you ready to start a great life?
March 01, 2007
Hi there,

Welcome to my very first newsletter. I am very excited and feel absolutely great. I have thought long and hard about what I would like to share with you, so I hope you'll like it and that you'll tell all your friends about it.

I met some new people and made some great new friends these last few month. It's wonderful to be able to share your experiences with others and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to do so.

What was your greatest moment last month?


Great Quote

* A Purpose is always more compelling than a goal. When you keep your higher purpose in mind, you will choose an ideal that is worthy of you. When you choose an ideal that is worthy of you, you become passionate about your life. When you are passionate about your life you magnetize everything you need to live your life on purpose! *

~ Jody Sachse

Are YOU Ready to Start a Great Life?

Read the quote above again.

This is basically all it takes to live a great life. Living your purpose, fuels happy feelings and gives you the energy and motivation to get up in the morning and start your life with fresh determination to make it yet another great day.

A lot of us just live our lifes hoping for more money, a great relationship and whatever else we think will make us happy. The key here, is that nobody and no amount of money can make you happy. If you believe that only by finding the love of your life or driving the finest car in the world you are going to be happy than you are giving your power away. YOU and only YOU have the power to make yourself happy.

Have you ever noticed your feelings whenever you have a certain thought? Did the thought make you feel good or bad? Did you know that you decide what it is you think? I'm sure you'll agree with me that thinking thoughts that make you feel good are much more desirable than the ones that make you feel bad.

So make the choice today to life your purpose and choose to think the thoughts that make you feel great!

If you'd like to have some help with living your purpose, this is a great article: How to Life Your Purpose by Tristan Loo.
Visit his website for more inspiring articles

Recommended Tools

* If you are having money problems, then it's time to Build Your Money Muscles.

* Your believes are the root of your thoughts, so get rid of the believes causing you discomfort and that are keeping you from having a great life: Be Set Free Fast

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