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Let's Feel Great, Issue #003 -- Do you know your true self,?
May 01, 2007
Hi there,

Last month I spoke about dreams and how important they are. I hope you’ve taken the time to have a look at what your dreams are and that by now you believe that they can come true.

This month I would like to talk about your true - or authentic self. Do you know who you truly are? Have you ever wondered or asked yourself?

Well let’s have a look.

Love, Mimi

Great Quote

* I am everything I need to be and
everything I need is in me *

~ ghalil

Do You Know Your True Self?

Please read the quote above again.

To me this is a very powerful quote. It tells me that I am great just the way I am and I have everything I need inside of me. This quote made me ask some questions though, like: “Who am I, truly? How can I possibly have everything I need inside me and be great just the way that I am?” After taking a look at my life I really wondered how this could possibly be true.

I sat down and thought about this quote and my questions. I realized that I didn’t know who I was and that I didn’t think I had everything I needed inside of me. If someone was to ask me: “Who are you?” I would most likely say: “My name is Mimi, I am 35 years old, I am a mother of two, etc…”. But that is not who I am on the inside. That is just how I look on the outside.

After reading about others experiences and their search for their true self, I’ve come to realize that the true self is hidden behind a lot of “mental clutter”. It is buried under our believes and thoughts. Most of these believes and thoughts were imposed on us when we were still young and impressionable and we still hold on to them. After years of carrying around this baggage we start to believe we are who we think we are. We can no longer hear our “inner voice”. Our true self gently leading us to a life of abundance, happiness and joy.

Knowing your true self is to know what your dreams are, what your skills and talents are. If you know what it is you love to do and you have the courage to do it, you can not but live a life full of joy and happiness. Your “job” will no longer feel like “work”. It will be easy to make the money you need to take care of yourself and have the material things that bring you joy and make you feel great. You’ll be satisfied with what you have and will no longer have feelings of lack. You’ll be able to enrich yourself spiritually and what I believe is even more important, be a role model to others and help them be who they truly are and want to be.

If everyone would dig into themselves and bring out what has been hidden for so long, I believe we would all feel great about ourselves and this world would be a lot more positive than it is now.

I urge you to take the time and find out who you are. Listen to your thoughts on a daily basis and ask yourself: “Do I really believe this or did someone or some experience teach me this?” Get rid of the believes and thoughts that don’t serve you any longer and keep you from living the life you’ve always wanted and just feel great about yourself.

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