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Let's Feel Great, Issue #012 -- Off to a great start! What about you?...
February 01, 2008

I have some great news. As you may know I was afraid I wouldn't be able to continue sending this newsletter because of financial reasons. Well I am very happy to say that I was able to extend my subscription with SiteSell for another year. They even added three months when I told them I wouldn't be able to extend my membership, but that was before I unexpectedly received a nice tax return and was able to pay my membership fee.

I am very grateful to have received the money. I believe the lessons I learned from the Manifest Miracles e-course by Nick Arandes, have helped me manifest this money. If you would like to know more about this course just visit my site and go to "Great Articles".

I would also like to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone who made a donation towards me keeping my site. Thank you very much.


Great Quote

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending”

----, by Carl Bard.

Off to a great start! What about you?...

Read the above quote again.

So how was the start of 2008 for you? As you can tell from my introduction I am off to a great start.

Have you made any new year's resolutions? How is it going so far? Great I hope...

Although a new year is always a great time to start a new habit or get rid of an old one, any time is a great time for that. So if you decided to finally change some of your habits, don't just give up if the going gets tough and then wait for next year to try again. Forgive yourself and go for it again.

I never make new year's resolutions. To me the start of a new year is just another day to make a new start... A few years ago I decided to feel great about myself and now that I do, I've noticed that I can accept anything I do or don't do and just be myself. I have learned to love myself, which has made a great difference.

The last few months I have read some books that have been a great inspiration and I keep finding new information. I will be sharing whatever I learn with you through my website and this newsletter, as always in hopes to inspire you to feel better about yourself or at least feel better.

In the mean time please check out Nick Arandes. I believe his course "Manifest Miracles" can be of great help to anyone, since it is not just about "manifesting miracles", but so much more... How to Manifest Miracles.

I started my website in hopes of helping others who are going through the same problems I went through and still do. Especially when it comes to self-esteem and finances. I would love to keep doing that for many years to come. Unfortunately it costs money to maintain my site. So if you feel like helping me out, please make a donation.

Recommended Tools

* Learn how to Manifest Miracles with this great e-course by Nick Arandes.

* Ready to transform your life? Sign up for this free 12 Week Life Transformation e-course.

* If you are having money problems, then it's time to Build Your Money Muscles.

* Your beliefs are the root of your thoughts, so get rid of the beliefs causing you discomfort and that are keeping you from having a great life: Be Set Free Fast

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