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Let's Feel Great, Issue #023 -- Ask and You shall receive
February 01, 2009

We asked for change and here it is. Now is the time to take advantage of this whole new positive energy of change that's "in the air".

I know I'm doing the best I can to tap into it.

How about you?


Great Quote

"You cannot ask for change and expect your life to stay the same."

~ My interpretation of what Amy Cortese (Shamanic healer) said during an interview.

Ask and You shall receive!

Read the above quote again!

Oh yes, change is in the air! Isn't it wonderful?

I saw an amazing video today on Facebook. It was mindblowing actually. I had never ever seen anything like it before. A handicapped man from Nicaragua was playing a guitar with his feet, while singing "Let it be". You might have guessed it; he didn't have any arms.

It made me realize that in our society we expect only people who have a "whole" body to be able to achieve anything in their lives, but that this is not true.

This guitar player is now a full-time musician spreading his "Gift of Hope".

Now why am I telling you this, what does this have to do with asking and receiving or change, for that matter? Well, what would have happened if this wonderful man, this great spirit would have believed the people around him telling him that what he wanted to do was not possible?

He, most likely, would have been homeless somewhere begging for food (maybe a bit extreme, but you get my drift, right?)

It's the same with anything in life. If you believe, you can!

Now, most of us believe, that we cannot and that's really sad. It is always up to you to decide what it is YOU want to change in your life.

You have the power to ask and receive. It's the receiving part that is often the tricky part, because we expect a certain outcome and when the guidance and answers to our request come, we don't see them, because they don't fit our expectations.

The best thing to do, would be to replace those limiting beliefs with ones that give you a great sense of freedom.

I've said it a few times before, but Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) is a great way of getting rid of limiting beliefs and replacing them with more productive ones. If you haven't checked out BSFF yet, but you've felt an urge to read about it, but just "haven't found the time yet", this is your chance to read about it. Just go to Be Set Free Fast

Do it now and get Real Change! Who knows this could be the answer to something you've asked!

Improve your self esteem and start feeling great about yourself!

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