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Let's Feel Great, Issue #026 -- give and feel great about yourself!
May 01, 2009

Hi there,

While surfing the net I came across a great site called It was set up by David Slocombe, also known as The Bald Guy in a Blue House! He is a very generous and wonderful guy and I believe we can learn a lot about unconditional giving from him.


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Great Quote

"Combine the power of gratitude with the power of giving and you have every reason to feel great about yourself!"

----, by Mimi (

"Give and feel great about yourself!"

Read the above quote again!

This time I came up with my own quote, because I couldn't find a quote, I thought, described what I wanted to talk about this month.

It may seem really obvious, but being grateful for what you have and giving unconditionally are things to be proud of. And I mean proud in a good way, just like feeling great about yourself is not about boasting and being arrogant, but just feeling great inside and feeling you're a great person who deserves to have a wonderful life.

Gratitude and giving are both very rewarding. Gratitude, because being grateful for what you have gives off the signal that you're appreciative and that attracts more to be grateful for. Giving also attracts more into your life, to sustain your ability to give. On top of that it is said that you receive threefold of what you give out, or something to that affect.

Now like I said in my intro I came across David's website You read it right, he wants to give and he wants to do it now. On his site he explains why and I just love what he's doing. You can enter his Lawterry of Attraction and win at least $50 each week. You can also share your wealth with him and increase the lawterry prize money!

Give it a go, believe me it feels great to give and receive. And best of all you get to feel great about yourself for taking part in this generous, selfless experiment!

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