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Let's Feel Great, Issue #026 -- Low self esteem is a habit!
June 01, 2009

Hi there,

Did you know that having low self esteem or low self confidence is nothing but a habit?

If you think this can't be true, let me explain.


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Great Quote

“Habits are recurrent, often unconscious patterns of behavior that are acquired through frequent repetition.”
(Definition in dictionary).

"Low self esteem is a habit"

Please read the definition of a habit again.

Now what do I mean by having low self esteem is a habit. Well, often when you have low self esteem it is very obvious. You'll behave a certain way, have a certain way of talking and walking, and other people can tell from miles away that you have a low regard for yourself.

This way of talking and walking is just a habit you've gotten accustomed to. A very important cause is your self talk. Thoughts like you're not good enough or not able to do something as well as another person are also just a habit. Just look at the definition and you'll see that thinking a certain way can be a habit.

In order to break this habit it takes time and a lot of repetition. You know what they say; Old habits die hard! But don't worry, you can do it. You were able to get into the habit of thinking or doing things in a certain way, so you should be able to get into the habit of feeling great about yourself as well.

The moment you notice you're thinking a certain way, ackowledge it and let the thought go. By all means do not condemn yourself and think stuff like; See I'm such a loser, I can't even control my own thoughts or here I go again thinking like that, when will I ever learn? Or something to that effect. This only makes matters worse and depresses you.

If every time you catch yourself thinking negatively about anything, the best thing you can do is, like I said, acknowledge it and let go of that line of thinking. What I'd like to add to this, is that you should praise yourself for noticing you're thinking a certain way (again). Think of something completely different and if your thoughts bring up uncomfortable feelings, use your power word or BSFF cue word to release those feelings.

If you do this often enough you'll break the habit. You'll be able to realize you're putting yourself down sooner and do something about it. Keep praising yourself every time you do this and you'll get into the habit of appreciating yourself for treating yourself better and this will eventually lead to you feeling great about yourself, believe me.

Remember to do something that makes you feel great about yourself every day. You could start by paying attention to your thoughts, especially about yourself and do something about them. Say to yourself that you're doing a great job. You're a special person. There is only one you on this whole planet.

Only you can feel great about yourself, so just do it! And if you need any help, you know where to find me. I love getting email and I'll always do the best I can to help.

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