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Let's Feel Great, Issue #031 --, I want to know your story
October 01, 2009

This month I'd like to do things differently. Instead of telling you about my experience and sharing what works for me, I'd like to hear from you.

So please take the time to contact me and tell me about what you'd like to improve or change about yourself or life. Of course you can also share your successes. I love hearing those.


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Great Quote

"If one of us has to be unhappy, it doesn't have to be me!"

----, by Joan Sotkin (prosperity coach)

"I want to know your story"

For months now I've shared my story with you and I feel it's time for me to hear from you. I just know others could learn from your story, so please share it with us.

I call these stories "Feel Great Stories", so please go here and share! Connecting to others is not always easy, believe me I understand, but it just feels great to be able to talk to someone about whatever you'd like to talk about... Well this is your chance, so go here and connect.

Here's an example of someone who was willing to share her success with others:

"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves." Edmund Hillary, first to climb Mount Everest, 1919."

My book of life is being re-written every moment, and I am learning to be grateful for all that comes to shape me and my world. The quote above says it all: learning to conquer or master or re-create oneself is no easy task. My first benchmark in life was losing my mother at ten years, then through the teens and into my 20s, searching, finding, and experimenting with relationships, interesting characters, music, value systems, lifestyles, personal growth, and eventually moving to my home here in Hawaii.

I led my life with not a clear compass in my head about what I wanted, yet somehow, I survived. And I lived life with passion, risk, and curiosity.  Friends and family admired me from afar, but deep down, even with the right grades, intentions, hard work, and smile, I just didn't feel I had it all together or could make the pieces of my life work. I don't think I loved myself at times.  I'd surrender to others' views, trends, social conditioning, until I realized I had to author my own chapters of my life before someone else did.  And not apologize.

From finally leaving home to "grow up", emotionally as well as physically, to job-hopping, navigating shallow or dead-end relationships, to being in constant debt and staying in mediocrity, my world has changed- I am now married to the love of my life, feeling clear about my purpose and building a business close to my heart, and am debt-free for the first time since I owned a credit card in college 20 years ago. A life make-over, a new chapter? I feel the fun is just beginning. What did it take? Persistence. Continual commitment to growth. Inspiration from others. Self-love. And a "quiet pursuit of my own excellence" once I realized life was too short to take a short cut. I want to truly smell the roses and enjoy the coffee, and in some ways, I do...every day.

Cat Wong
Entrepreneur, Honolulu, HI

You can find more examples here

I'm looking forward to hearing from you...

If you have any questions or anything you'd like to share with me, please go to contact me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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