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Here's your 9th tip to Feel Great About Yourself...
January 29, 2010

Welcome to my 9th Friday "Feel Great About Yourself" Tip. This is where I get to give you an inspiring tip, to help you feel great about who you are. I suggest you read the tip carefully, pay attention to any emotions or resistance that might come up and use your BSFF cue (if you have one) to release them. If you don't have a cue yet, go here to learn more about BSFF.

By the way on every last Friday of the month I'll share a freebie with you, just for being a subscriber. So be on the look out for it...

Here's the Tip

"Become aware of your thoughts!"

Exploring the Tip

Did the tip bring up any emotions or resistance? If so, you know what to do.

Growing up I always felt out of place, because I thought I was this positive person and people around me were too focused on what was wrong with their lives. Until one day I literally heard myself thinking something pretty "negative" about myself and I realized that I was not as positive as I thought I was.

Becoming aware like that really took me to another level. No wonder I was feeling depressed and my self-esteem was low with thoughts like that going through my head. It took time and effort to finally replace those thoughts with more helpful ones, but I did it.

It is really very important to become aware of your thoughts. You might be surprised to "hear" some of the things you think about yourself. If you don't think highly of yourself why would anybody else? Not that it really matters what others think about you. It is far more important what you think about you.

Next time you become aware of a certain thought, you'll most likely realize that it's causing all kinds of challenges in your life. Reverse the thought. Think the opposite or turn it into a more positive one. Keep doing it until that thought takes over and becomes the new habit.

Having a great life really is a choice. That's why this month my freebie (see below) is a simple image I designed that will hopefully take you to the next level and closer to feeling great about yourself. You can use it as a background on your computer screen to always remind you of what it means to feel great about yourself.

As always I'd love to know how it works out, so please contact me.

Much love,

PS: I'd love you know what you think of my tips, please go to contact me to share your thoughts or suggestions with me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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