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Here's your 10th tip to Feel Great About Yourself...
February 05, 2010

Welcome to my 10th Friday "Feel Great About Yourself" Tip. This is where I get to give you an inspiring tip, to help you feel great about who you are. I suggest you read the tip carefully, pay attention to any emotions or resistance that might come up and use your BSFF cue (if you have one) to release them. If you don't have a cue yet, go here to learn more about BSFF.

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Here's the Tip

"Replace a "bad" habit with a "good" one!"

Exploring the Tip

Did the tip bring up any emotions or resistance? If so, you know what to do.

We all know that it's important to have "good" habits, but it's often really hard to change a "bad" habit. The reason I am using "" around good and bad is because I don't believe anything to be good or bad. An experience just IS and it's our opinion about it that makes it a "positive" or "negative" experience.

For example there are people who smoke and they're convinced it's not bad for them. They end up in the hospital and keep smoking because they believe it's ok. On the other hand we have people who know it's "bad", but can't stop. And then others who never smoked in their lives, but like to overeat. We all have our "good" and "bad".

The thing is that it's close to impossible to change a habit. It's a habit, you probably don't even notice you're doing it. But when it becomes something that stands in the way of your happiness it's time to acquire some new habits. Habits that are more constructive and make you feel great.

So instead of trying to change your habit, start doing something else. For example if you like candy, start eating the kind that doesn't have sugar. If you'd like to stop eating something unhealthy, do it slowly. Every time you crave it, take a little less or a healthy alternative, until you don't miss it anymore.

The same thing goes for having low self esteem. If you're the type to say yes all the time, start saying no. Start with the people you feel most comfortable with. Once you've noticed that it's not a big deal, next time someone wants to take advantage of you, you'll be able to be more true to yourself.

As always I'd love to know how it works out, so please contact me.

Much love,

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