You are Healthy from the Inside Out!

I did a poll on my Facebook group (You are Healthy from the Inside Out!) to ask whether the members of the group wanted to know what diagnosis I had received from the doctors in January 2018.

I recorded the following video in response to the results. Please watch the video.

As you can tell from the video. There's so much focus on illness and negativity in the world and I would rather focus on innate health. If we would all do that this world would be quite different. I purposely didn't say the world would be a better place because I have no idea whether that would be the case.

Life has a tendency of doing what it wants... there's ups, there's downs and I don't think that that would change when each and every one on this planet would know they are innately healthy. Reason being that because of the nature of Universal Thought, thoughts give us feelings and that would still happen. We will still occasionally be "tricked" into believing that those thoughts are real and true, until those thoughts and feelings pass and we're back to our innate wellness. 

By the way I'm here holding a space for you to see for yourself that you are innately healthy... find out more here.