Do you actually need help?

My answer to the question: "Do you actually need help?" might surprise you...

When I look back upon my life I can split it up into three periods:

  1. Pre Self-help (birth to 17 years old)
  2. Self-help (17 to 44 years old)
  3. Post Self-help (44 years old and onward)

Do you want to know my answer right away without reading about these periods in my life? OK, just go here...

Pre Self-help

Ever since I've known myself I've wanted to know what life was all about and who I was. I would always feel like an outsider because nobody in my family seemed to worry about these, what I believed to be, very important questions.

I would often wonder. "What's the use? We are born, live a life and then our life ends?". This just didn't make sense to me.

I grew up believing that children were meant to be seen but not heard. My parents would make it very clear that children weren't supposed to share their opinions and should just do as they were told. We weren't allowed to go anywhere because of them being afraid that we would be trouble or that we would get hurt.  

I could say that because of this I just kept to myself and was considered a 'good' girl. I didn't like to argue... whenever I got angry I would walk away to calm down instead of letting it out... I didn't want to be a burden or trouble to anyone.

As you can imagine I ended up with quite a few fears and thinking that there must be something wrong with me. The fact that I never actually heard my parents tell me they loved me didn't make things any better.

My favorite aunt was very much into alternative healing stuff and she introduced me to a masseuse/healer when I was 17. As he was massaging my big toe I started crying uncontrollably and I had no idea why. He obviously asked me but I just couldn't speak for what seemed like hours. In the end he had to ask me to stop crying because there where other clients waiting to be served and our time was up. It then occurred to me that the reason I was crying was because my parents had never told me they loved me.

When I confronted my mother with this information she just laughed and said that it wasn't true. I, to this day, don't remember them ever saying the actual words but my mom was quite adamant that they had. I was in my mother's room at the time and I remember it looked like the sun started to shine brighter...

Not too long after I read my first self-help book: "You can Heal your Life" by Louise Hay and I was introduced into the world of affirmations and self-help...


During my period of self-help I was as always searching for the meaning of life and myself. To be honest I don't remember all the books and websites I read to find the answers.

All I remember is that for many years (27 to be precise) all I did was look outside of me. I so desperately wanted to know why I had to go through the things I was going through... I felt very alone... I wanted peace of mind!

I tried the following in no particular order:

- Affirmations
- Meditation 
- Prayer/Church 
- Books
- Coaching 
- Courses/programs/training 
- Positive thinking 
- Changing my mindset

Which one worked?

I would say all of them because they all helped me to get to where I am now. Each thing helped me in some way. However, it wasn't until I found out about the three principles and received coaching to 'allow' this understanding to 'sink in', that I finally got the peace of mind that I was craving so much... 

Post Self-help

Where am I now? Post Self-help?

I call this period post self-help because I've come to realize that I don't need help...

I have peace of mind underneath all the ‘stuff’ that’s going on in my life and will probably be going on in my life until the day I die. Something I’ve been wanting ever since I know myself.

I see that I’m not alone. Something I’ve felt for a very long time.

I see that I am taken care of and there’s nothing to worry about because worries just take away my joy and I have no idea what the future holds. I have faith that things will unfold as they should and I will have whatever I need available to me to deal with whatever comes up.

I am not alone!

Now that I've come to see how life works and what it's about I have so much more joy in my life... and I don't have to really do anything... just live my life...

By the way underneath my search for the answers to what life was all about and who I was I always felt called to share whatever I learned with others... I still do.. I found my purpose you could say or to be more precise a way to fulfill my purpose...

Now that I'm a Certified Health Coach and Innate Health Coach I can actually share what I've come to see for myself and many before me. I can motivate and inspire others to just live their healthiest and most amazing life... I'm no longer afraid to be seen and heard... I am ME!

All it really took was connecting with a few wonderful people in my life, coaching me to see how simple Life actually is because I couldn't see it for myself.

If you at all feel inspired by any of what I've shared then contact me and let's chat...

Help? Really?

No! You don't need help! Why not?! Well you have access to all the knowledge and guidance you could ever need in your life. Most of us however are not aware of this, which leads to a lot of unnecessary suffering...

Just ask and you shall receive... I know this may sound very simplistic and religious but I know from experience that it works...

Let me ask you this. Has this question ever popped up in your head?: "How in the world am I going to do such and such?" and an idea just pops up or a friend offers a solution or you get an answer in another way... you may think this is totally normal, which it is, but it's a very simple example of how we have access to what I choose to call God's love, guidance and inspiration. Others may call this source Mind, Life, Universe, Nature,... you may have another word for it.

Whatever you choose to name it, it doesn't really matter. We have all we could ever need at our disposal 24/7...

However, if you are struggling to see this for yourself then yes you might need 'help'. So do whatever you feel inspired and guided to do. Not from a place of desperation but from a space of clarity and inspiration... You may feel like reading a certain book, speak to a friend, meditate, do some energy healing,... the list is endless.

What really worked for me is understanding how life really works according to the Three Principles. Obviously, because it worked for me I strongly feel knowing about this understanding can work for you too. Especially, because 3P is neither a technique nor a tool... it's a description of how Life works... that's all it really is...

And you know what? Even if you don't 'believe' in these principles or have no idea what they mean, they are still at work... just like gravity... they just ARE!

Now, are you ready to start living the life you always deep inside wanted to live but felt like you just couldn't because there's always something 'standing in your way'?

Let me tell you this! Nothing can stop you from having what you want! Not even your 'negative' thinking! Yep you heard me right! Not even your negative thinking! You are limitless! You are FREE! Free to have whatever you want to have...! Free to BE whomever you want to be!

Does this sound like Truth to you or do you think it's all a big lie? Either way I'm here if you want to talk about it. Just contact me and let's have a chat...